My Services:

Blacksmithing & Metalwork:

Blacksmithing is the main reason I started Sawyers Smide och Hantverk - as a result, it’s probably the field I am the most versed in and have the most products in. From large items such as iron railings and struts, to small objects like knives and decorate roses, I pretty much do it all. Check out the images below, my gallery, or the more comprehensive list to the right. If it’s not there - just use the contact me form and we’ll discuss it or make a commission based off of it.



  • Utilitarian Items/General Goods: Hooks, bottle openers, candle-holders, nails, leaves, sconces, door knockers, hinges, pipe kit, etc.

  • Knives, Axes, Hammers & other tools.

  • Decorative Iron-work.

  • Casted parts, plaques.



Leatherworking is easy to get into, hard to master. This is a satisfying and versatile craft of making wallets, belts, holsters and containers, along with so much more. Compared to the other items on this list, it’s the easiest field me to take commissions in too.



  • Bags, Pouches & Containers.

  • Belts & Watch bands.

  • Sheathes & Holsters.

  • Wallets


I won’t lie, I don’t do nearly as much as other carpenters with this service. I make tables but, the main reason I got into carpentry was to build my own cabin. As a result, I do a lot with furniture and beams. There won’t be much on my store aside from handles and pens but, be absolutely unafraid to hit up my inbox regarding custom work.



  • Hand Built Timber Framing.

  • Lathe Work: Pens, handles, resin burls, etc.

  • Furniture


3d Printing:

Need a custom file printed? Want a ship from a certain expensive IP printed and cast? Are you someone who plays a certain game with hexes and need buildings made? Are you a needing a prop made out of a hard material such as brass or aluminum? That’s basically what I do with my 3d printer and forge. K.I.S.S, and all that.



  • Custom printed parts: (Which can be cast, see above.)

  • 6mm buildings for sci-fi wargaming/miniatures.

  • Replicas and wall-hangars.



Need something that isn’t on this list? Do you see something that I am selling or offering that isn’t in the categories above? That means it’ is a misc product. Honestly, life is too short for me as a business owner to stick to just the above product fields so sometimes, we experiment on newer goods and see if there is interest in it. This includes a wacky variety from patches that we sell to support local clubs or charities, to honey and beef (moose actually,) jerky.



  • Moose/Deer Jerky.

  • Honey.

  • Patches.

  • Tie Bars.

    *If you have scrolled this far, the reason there are no images yet in those fancy boxes is because I need to produce new goods here in Sweden to fill it. Price of restarting a business overseas, I reckon.