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My name is Jacob Sawyers. I’m an American born and raised, Swedish by choice. I’m currently working on my citizenship across the pond here, and waiting to enlist for the Swedish Military. Home based in Stockholm, Sweden, business & marketing graduate. Small town Immigrant from Virginia, U.S.A. Happily Married to my Swedish wife.

Background aside, I’m the proud owner of Sawyers’ Smide & Hantverk - because i love working with my hands and hard work. I might be a suit and tie guy during my day job but, nothing is greater than creating and restoring goods, both new and old. That’s why I made this business. To grow as a craftsman and for the love of the craft.

Check out my gallery for my works, the store for products, and the services tab to see examples of services and commissions I can provide as well. There’s also a calendar to show markets, faires, and other events I am going to.

Also, you can follow my instagram below to see more content.




Check out the main store for all my products. Barring services and commissions, this is where I put everything I produce. I mainly work with metal, leather, and wood but, there’s also miscellaneous items such as patches.



Here’s a detailed list of what services I offer to my customers. I also do commission work, so if you don’t see it there - contact me.


Upcoming Events:

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